Youth Education


A weekly space by and for Hudson teens. Run in partnership with the Kites Nest.

Thursdays 4pm – 7pm at Kites Nest — 108 South Front Street Hudson, NY
January 18 – June 9 2017
Free for Hudson teenagers. Donations welcome.

Space 101 is a space for teenagers in Hudson to have as their own. A core group of teenagers come together every week to produce media and music, cook food, go on fun trips, and meet other youth organizers and leaders in the area.

Space 101 is a place where teenagers can have open dialogue about issues around the world, in Hudson, and in their lives. It’s a place where teenagers can develop the skills to organize for social change, and where they’re encouraged and provided with the tools to follow their own interests. Being a part of Space 101 means… to be a thinker. To have your voice heard. To be a part of a supportive community. To be active in our larger community. To be exposed to new information and new experiences. To have shared ownership over a space. To have a space to be who you are. To have a space to talk about issues you face. To have a space where you can plan how to take action to address those issues!

Space 101 is coordinated by SBK’s Claire Cousin, with TeeQuan Davis, and a leadership team of teenagers who help with program planning and recruitment. Initiatives the youth have organized range from music production to healthy sexuality and queer youth solidarity.

In 2016-2017, Space 101 is joined every other week by WISEBODIES for a series of workshops and discussions exploring topics of gender, sexuality, identity, anatomy, body image and society. These workshops are led by Wisebodies Director Isa Coffey, RN, with teen apprentices, and are open to all teens.

Social Justice Leadership Academy – SJLA

Coming again this Summer

SBK and Kites Nest partner partnered for the third year to run the amazing Social Justice Leadership Academy!  The Social Justice Leadership Academy (SJLA) is a five-week summer leadership training for teenagers growing up in Hudson, based on the principles of social justice and youth-led change.

Twenty-four teenagers came together every day for five weeks to develop their voices and visions for change. We explored how our identities shape our experiences, and examined both structures of power and movements for liberation. Together we built our skills for community organizing, produced powerful music and radio, took photographs, wrote poetry, performed speeches, cooked meals, visited farms, and connected with other inspiring organizers and artists.

Thank you to all of our partners: Found Sound Nation (Brooklyn, NY); Oral History Summer School (Hudson, NY); Wildseed (Millerton, NY); Left in Focus Photography (Hudson, NY); Truthworker Theater Company (Brooklyn, NY); The Watershed Center (Millerton, NY), Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood adn Hudson PROMISE Corps (Hudson, NY), Soul Fire Farm (Petersburg NY), The YaYa Network (New York, NY); Kamou Ware (New York, NY); WGXC Radio (Holly Tanner, Justin Weaver, Vern Cross, Kamal Johnson and Ranier Blue in Hudson, NY); and Long Table Harvest (Hudson, NY).

Youth Advocates and Mentorship

SBK serves as Volunteer Advocates and Mentors for “at-risk youth” to prevent their being fed from schools into the prison system. See our Communuty Justice Advocay Program for more information.

Youth Basketball Tournaments

SBK hosts Youth Basketball Tournaments to bring youth and their families from different communities together in healthy engagement.