Community Engagement

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Community Town Halls

SBK regularly hosts Community Town Halls to ensure that elected officials represent the interests of low-income and minority residents.

Civic Leadership Development

SBK supports black, female leadership. Two of SBK’s black, female Board Members were elected to City Council, one serves as Majority Leader and the other as Chair of Youth Committee. Additionally, SBK rallied the community to elect a black woman to the School Board.

Community Action 

SBK mobilized public housing residents to take power over the governance of their homes, resulting in the election of one SBK board member and two community leaders to the Housing Board of Commissioners, who were able to build a coalition to force an audit by the NY State Comptroller to exact change within the agency

SBK has staged rallies, marches, and vigils in response to national police killings and local harassment. 250 local residents attended a recent vigil, in a city of under 7,000.

Past Programs

Mobile Food Pantry

For 3 years, SBK’s Mobile Food Pantry delivered bags of groceries to over five hundred home-bound seniors and low-income families, directly serving the needs of hungry community members, while offering meaningful opportunities for leadership and service.

Barber Shop Talks

SBK helped launch a local radio station (WGXC) and has hosted a radio program called Barber Shop Talks about issues in the Black Community since the station’s inception. Barbershop Talks. Hosted by Vernon Cross, Kamal Johnson, and Janessa Moore broadcast discussions of different public affairs issues around the topics of education, criminal justice, health and human services and quality of life on the local, state and national level with an emphasis on how it affects minorities and people of color.