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Seeking Diversity on HDC Board





Board’s Lack of Diversity Questioned




Opinions Divided Over 49’s QB

Bliss Towers to get Computer Lab

Easter Egg Hunt Draws Hundreds

Seeking Diversity on HDC Board

Board’s Lack of Diversity Questioned

Civil Rights leader celebrates local social justice center’s 3rd birthday

Committee Passes Anti-Discrimination Resolution

Meet the People of Columbia County – Article on Quintin Cross

Cross Named to National Council

Stone, Plaque, Triangle Dedicated to Staley B. Keith

Community Easter Egg Hunt Draws Crowds

‘State of the Community’ Shows Why Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter at Staley B. Keith Potluck Event

Annual Community Party Rocks the Block (Check out the photos from our event!)

Mentoring Contract Awarded to SBK & Mental Health Assoc.

Celebrating Black History Month

Social Justice Leadership Academy (SJLA) Celebrates its First Summer!

Residents Weigh In on Migration

Community Gather Easter Egg Hunt!

Mentoring Program Seeks County Support

‘State of the Community’ Addresses Youth Issues

State Questions SBK Request for Proposal?

Discussing Race Issues with the Community

Early Thanksgiving Community Gathering

Training Future Leaders

Unity Thanksgiving Dinner Nov. 21

SBK Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

SBK Hosts Hoops Tournament


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