Mission and Model

SBK Vigil

Our Mission

SBK Social Justice Center (SBK) is a black led community-based organization committed to overcoming the long standing social and racial injustices that breed economic and social distress within the City of Hudson and Columbia County. SBK enacts change through its investment in building a community where people of color are empowered to intervene in the systems of oppression that impact them. We lead this shift through creating networks of support and service for each other, organizing for political representation and policy change, and educating youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Model

In only three years, and on significantly less than a $50,000 annual budget, SBK has made great strides towards empowering communities of color in Hudson. SBK’s model is to approach change from every angle. SBK engages in Community Justice Advocacy supporting youth and their families in navigating criminal justice systems, accessing services, engaging in processes of accountability and supporting the development of a positive sense of self.. SBK approaches Community Engagement with the view that political empowerment means electing members of the black community to represent marginalized voices and enact policy change, thus we mobilize our community to take part in local democracy. SBK advocates for Criminal Justice Reform with an emphasis on juvenile justice, to fight for a more a humane, transparent, and accountable justice system that prioritizes rehabilitation over incarceration. SBK invests in Youth Education to ensure that young people are provided programming and mentorship that shapes them into young leaders, empowered to create the changes they long to see in their community.

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